Finally we are at tiling stage!

I have been looking forward to getting started with the tiles as i’m entirely obsessed with ceramic and clay tiles, and started choosing them all the way back when we first bought the cottage.

The kitchen has been designed to be quite minimal, lots of monochrome and smooth surfaces. We knew we wanted white tiles for the splash-back, but we also wanted to add some warmth and texture to stop it looking too minimal. The white bejmat tiles from OTTO Tiles were the perfect find as they are individually hand chiselled so are all unique and imperfect and this meant we could avoid a ‘too polished’ look.

I love the depth of colour in these tiles, there are shades of grey and pink in the white-just beautiful.

We went with the same bejmat tiles for the upstairs bathroom floor, but in a natural terracotta finish.

They will each need individually sealing as they are going to be in a high splash / traffic area, so they will be a labour of love, but totally worth it.

Im just so in love with these tiles, its one of the few areas where we are not going with white, and it is just the perfect pop of colour with a really beautiful natural, hand crafted finish. They really are little pieces of art.

In the downstairs washroom we have gone for something totally different from Domus Group.

We really struggled with knowing what to do with this room as it is so tiny, we wanted to avoid wasting the space by making it an after thought so we have gone in completely the opposite direction and gone for some of the most luxe items in the house!

These tiles are really quite something-they feel really modern, but also really simple. I love how the glazed finish is going to look against our white concrete, rugged FOX sink from Kast Concrete Basins.

These will be grouted in white to keep things light in this little room.

More updates to follow!

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