For our interior design we are keeping a really neutral, clean colour palette of whites and using as many natural materials as possible to create texture and add much needed warmth and and softness so that the space doesn’t feel clinical.

Wood is going to play a big part in the decor of the cottage and we were very lucky to spend an afternoon with Szilard over at Waney Edge city lumber to pick out some pieces that we will use to create some of our key furniture items.

The piece below is London Plane and is my favourite purchase.

The pieces have been home with us drying out and now we are starting to light sand and polish them before oiling them.

I love the patterns in the grain of this oak, so I will be selective over what gets buffed and what textures stay, hopefully the oil will further pick out the details.

I have many splinters.

Meanwhile KP has been at work in the log stores, organising them and building scaffold shelves to house the recycling, logs, kindling and other household supplies.

More updates to follow as the wood pieces become furniture…

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