As soon as I walked into The Hideaway and laid eyes on the poor, ugly condemned gas fire I knew that I wanted the most beautiful log burner to replace it; in January we found just that and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive from Norway.

We love going to stay in remote cabins, and whenever we are looking for somewhere to visit my first questions is always ‘does it have a fire?!’

I have always dreamed of having my own log burner, and now that it’s here i’m even more in love with it than I had imagined. I can already picture chilly Winter evenings gazing into it, glass of wine in hand, all cosy and snug!

Some progress pictures on the installation….

Bye Bye!

Isn’t she just so beautiful?!

The finished stove!

We had the two most legendary guys come to fit it who even gave us a proper fire building lesson before they left!

We are so thrilled with it, it really feels like the focal point to the room. I can so perfectly picture cosying up on the couch (when we have one!) and watching it all night long.

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