It is absolute chaos over here, progress is messy, or so i’m told.

This week I have been tackling the interior woodwork while KP has been tackling the front yard.

All of the interior doors were once painted in a white gloss which has yellowed so it’s been a painstaking process getting them prepped and painted in a matt white.

The cottage has a lot of wrought iron black fittings so we have decided to stick with that theme for the door furniture.

I have also had my teeny tiny paintbrushes out to change the portholes from blue to white. I’m so happy with how this looks-such a small change but it really freshens the space up.

Meanwhile KP has been water-blasting the yard and clearing the gaps between the block paving to fill with setting sand to stop the weeds EVER coming back!

The next job is to get the big grey wall painted white along with the bottom half of the exterior front of the cottage.

We have had our electrician over this week to plan where we want sockets, lights and speakers… i’ll give updates when we have cute light fittings to share!

In the meanwhile enjoy this grotty picture of how the kitchen looks without the hideous shiny black wall cabinets. I can’t believe how much bigger the kitchen already looks with them gone. I did a little dance as we slung them into the wood skip at the recycling point.

One last update- we have ripped out the downstairs bathroom and have the MOST GORGEOUS bath tub and basin coming for this room. I’m so excited for it to arrive and to share it with you. Here we have been busy with camera tape trying to mark out the possible layout options.

That’s all the updates from the last few days…more to com soon!

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