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Upstairs bathroom. The upstairs bathroom is the main bathroom for the first floor and master bedroom. This room was fairly basic with black formica surfaces, black and white shower tiles and black lino flooring. We loved the porthole, it provides a really lovely morning light, although the glass was shot and leaking so job oneContinue reading “SO.MANY.UPDATES.”


Finally we are at tiling stage! I have been looking forward to getting started with the tiles as i’m entirely obsessed with ceramic and clay tiles, and started choosing them all the way back when we first bought the cottage. The kitchen has been designed to be quite minimal, lots of monochrome and smooth surfaces.Continue reading “TILES IN PROGRESS.”

Perfect Light.

To me, the most important thing to get right in any space is the lighting. This includes lights and lamps but foremost it means windows. From the moment we set foot in The Hideaway we fell in love with the natural light that streams into the space through the many windows and doors. Sadly mostContinue reading “Perfect Light.”

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